Shelter Island Osprey


There is an osprey nest on Shelter Island in San Diego and one can often see osprey on the nest or on nearby poles.  On this day, an osprey had caught dinner and was chowing down.  The nest is located in the roundabout at the far western end of the island.

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Shelter Island Seal


A few seals love to hang around the boat launch area on Shelter Island, a community of Point Loma in San Diego.  It is not actually an island as it is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, and is only a little over a mile in length and a few hundred feet wide. This fine specimen was only too happy to pose for me.

Yokohama Friendship Bell


An interesting site on Shelter Island in San Diego is the Yokohama Friendship Bell by artist Masahiko Katori.  The citizens of Yokohama, Japan presented the Friendship Bell to San Diego in May 1958 as part of the establishment of a sister city relationship between the two cities, the first such affiliation on the West Coast.  The bell has no clapper but is rung by being struck by the large suspended wooden ram.

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