Tiki Hut on San Onofre State Beach


I found this cute makeshift tiki hut while hiking down to the beach from the Bluffs Campground at San Onofre State Beach.  Looks like a great place to while away a few hours!


San Onofre State Beach


San Onofre State Beach below the Bluffs Campground at low tide.

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What do you see?


While hiking Torrey Pines State Beach at low tide we found this interestingly shaped rock in the tide pools.  You can imagine two eyes and nostrils.  We thought it looked a bit like the head of a porpoise, or maybe of an alligator.  What do you see?


Low Tide at Torrey Pines State Beach


I recently took a hike along Torrey Pines State Beach from the north end parking lot down past Flat Rock to Black Beach.  This pic is just to the south of Flat Rock.  Pretty nice views!

San Elijo Lagoon


This pic shows San Elijo Lagoon filled with water after the big rain on Feb 27, 2017, when 3-7 inches of rain fell in the watershed that feeds it.  Thanks to my friend Jack Springer for allowing me to share his great shot!

Links:  San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy

Ocean Paddleboarding


Ocean paddleboarding is quite popular in California and this pic shows a couple of practitioners heading south.  My interests run more to kayaking as you get to sit down!

Sea Anemone at Solana Beach Tide Pools


This beautiful sea anemone was waiting to be discovered at the Solana Beach tide pools.  They are related to coral, jellyfish and Hydra and spend most of their time attached to rocks on the sea bottom waiting for fish to come close enough to be ensnared in their venom-filled tentacles.

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Coastal View along 17-Mile Drive


The views along the famed 17-Mile Drive between Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove are spectacular.  This shot was taken not far from the “Lone Cypress” tree (see previous post).

Swami’s Beach Tiki


On a grassy spot next to the parking lot for Swami’s State Beach in Encinitas sits this eye-catching tiki carved from a tree stump.  It always makes me smile when I walk by!


Summer Twilight Concerts at Powerhouse Park


Last week we took in a free concert put on by the Del Mar Foundation in Powerhouse Park.  You sit on blankets or beach chairs right next to the beautiful beach and watch the sun go down while listening to some great tunes, this time a Hotel California tribute to the Eagles.  For future concerts, drop off your chairs/blankets early in the morning, if possible, to secure the best seating.

Links:      Twilight Concert Series