Sekhmet Statues at Hearst Castle


These depictions of Sekhmet, an Egyptian goddess with the head of a lion and the body of a woman, are from the 18th and 19th Dynasties (1550-1187 BC).  Sekhmet was the protector of the sun god Ra.

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Angel Statue at Hearst Castle


One of the many beautiful artworks at Hearst Castle (near San Simeon) is this angel statue.   Awesome views of the coast from this vantage point also.

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Casa del Mar at Hearst Castle


Casa del Mar is one of three guest cottages at the Hearst Castle near San Simeon.  It boasts 8 bedrooms in its 5,000+ sq. ft. of living space and has welcomed many VIP guests in the past including Hollywood actors and politicians like Winston Churchill, Charles Lindbergh, Howard Hughes, Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, Charlie Chaplin, and Gary Cooper, to name just a few.

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