Walkabout Australia at San Diego Zoo Safari Park


At the new Walkabout Australia enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, visitors can get up close and personal with free roaming kangaroos and wallaby.

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Rhino Bathtub


Rhinos are a favorite attraction at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and they love to visit their favorite mud hole for a delightful mud bath.



One of the reasons we love the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is because of the lorikeets, which are so much fun to feed.  All you have to do is purchase a couple of little cups full of nectar and then enter the lorikeet enclosure where the birds proceed to perch on your shoulders, arms, hands, head, etc.  It’s become a birthday tradition for us.

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King of the Beasts


One of our favorite San Diego County destinations is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park located in Escondido.  This pic features a male lion, whose roars, when heard by the other park animals, puts additional environmental pressure on them to breed, thereby increasing the likelihood of breeding success.

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