Iron Mountain View


Love the fog/clouds hanging out between all the peaks in this pic from the top of Iron Mountain in Poway.

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San Vicente Reservoir from Iron Mtn


My first time up Iron Mountain in Poway.  Beautiful weather and great views.  This pic shows San Vicente Reservoir from the top.  5.8 miles total out and back with 1100 ft elevation gain.  Lots of fog/clouds in the distance.

Potato Chip Rock on Mount Woodson


A popular hike in San Diego County is to summit Mount Woodson (elevation 2881 ft) by either the eastern route which starts from Hwy 67 or the western route that starts at Lake Poway.  Once on top, you enter a “forest” of communications towers.  A great landmark just west of the summit is Potato Chip Rock, pictured above.  Normally you see visitors standing on the edge having their picture taken but we were there very early this foggy morning!

Kumeyaay Home


The Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center in Poway has a few reproductions of the traditional Kumeyaay dome-shaped homes known as ‘ewaa.  The frame of the shelter was typically made of willow branches while the covering was made of tule weeds, willow leaves, and brush.  One hole served as a door and a second hole in the roof allowed smoke to escape.

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Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center


This 5-acre site in Poway seeks to preserve this important archaeological area where the Kumeyaay people lived about 1,000 years ago.  Acorns were a primary food resource and this pic shows the milling area where acorns were ground into flour.  After leaching out the bitter tannic acid with water,  the resulting dough was heated to make “shawii” or acorn mush. Docents lead tours every Saturday (except the first Saturday of each month) from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

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Lake Ramona


Lake Ramona is a pretty little lake accessed via a 2.4 mile trail within the 700-acre Blue Sky Ecological Preserve in the city of Poway.

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