Stellar’s Jay Hiking Buddy


This Stellar’s Jay hiked alongside me for over a hundred yards while I was hiking the Desert View Trail that takes off behind the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway upper station.  Alas, he did not get the handout he wanted so he probably did not enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed his!

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Ranger Station on Mt. San Jacinto


This pic shows the ranger check-in station on Mt. San Jacinto, behind the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway terminal station, where long distance hikers headed to area trails register their trips before embarking.  I just stopped by to chat with the ranger on duty, which is always fun and informative.

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San Jacinto Mountain Meadow


If you hike the Desert View Trail that begins behind the upper Palm Springs Tramway terminal you will pass by this beautiful mountain meadow filled with singing birds.

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Palm Springs Tramway


The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, the world’s largest rotating tram car, takes passengers two and a half miles up Chino Canyon to the wilderness area of Mt. San Jacinto State Park.  You board the tram at 2,643 feet and disembark ten minutes later at 8,516 feet.  At the top are two restaurants, observation decks, museum, a theater, gift shop and 50+ miles of hiking trails.

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