Coronado Bridge


This view of the Coronado Bridge in San Diego (with part of the USS Midway peeking out) was taken from the 1914 Pilot Boat that tours San Diego Bay from the Maritime Museum .  The 2.1 mile long bridge was opened in 1969 during the 200th anniversary of the founding of San Diego.  Its 27 concrete girders made it the longest ever at the time of its construction.

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Tall Ship “Californian” at Maritime Museum


The “Californian” is the official tall ship of the State of California and was built in 1984 at Spanish Landing in San Diego Bay.  It was launched at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles and is a replica of the 1847 Revenue Cutter C.W. Lawrence.  You can see it at the Maritime Museum in San Diego.

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HMS Surprise


The HMS Surprise began its life as a replica of the 18th century Royal Naval frigate Rose. Thirty years later, it was modified for the film, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, in an effort to recreate a 24 gun frigate specific to the Nelson era Royal Navy.  Since 2004, it has been moored at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

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Star of India


The Star of India is the world’s oldest active sailing ship, having been launched in 1863 from the Isle of Man under the name of “Euterpe”, after the Greek muse of music and poetry.  After six trips to India, she spent 25 years transporting emigrants to New Zealand, followed by hauling salmon from Alaska to California.  She is presently part of the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

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