New Point Loma Lighthouse


In a previous post I featured the “old” Point Loma Lighthouse and now am highlighting the “new” one.  Built down at sea level to better avoid the fog and low clouds, this lighthouse began operation on March 23, 1891.  What a gorgeous combination of green grass, palm trees, beautiful ocean and white buildings.

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Old Point Loma Lighthouse


The “old” Point Loma lighthouse was active from November 15, 1855 until March 23, 1891 (36 years),  warning ships entering San Diego Bay.  However, its location high atop Point Loma resulted in its beam often being obscured by fog and clouds such that a “new” lighthouse was built down at sea level.  The old lighthouse has been restored and offers great displays including a five-foot tall 3rd order Fresnel lens, the best available at that time.

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse


Pigeon Point Lighthouse near Pescadero is one of the two tallest west coast lighthouses at 115 feet.  It was built and equipped in 1871-72 and its first-order Fresnel lens measures 16 ft x 6 ft, weighs 2,000 lbs and consists of 1,008 separate prisms.  It was a little foggy the day this pic was taken, lending a bit more atmosphere to the shot.

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