More Carlsbad Wall Murals

Below are a couple more wall murals that I saw on my walk through the Barrio/Carlsbad Village area of Carlsbad.  There are still several more to find and view on another trip!



Carlsbad Wall Murals

A friend showed me around the Barrio/Carlsbad Village area of Carlsbad recently and I was intrigued by the many wall murals that are present.  This is probably my favorite, which is at the corner of Carlsbad Blvd and Grand Avenue, and is by Oceanside artist Michael Summers.




Sekhmet Statues at Hearst Castle


These depictions of Sekhmet, an Egyptian goddess with the head of a lion and the body of a woman, are from the 18th and 19th Dynasties (1550-1187 BC).  Sekhmet was the protector of the sun god Ra.

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“Pneumatic Dreamer”


This giant sculpture of a sleeping human, by Michael Stutz, reclines on a 4th floor terrace above the western lobby of the W Hotel in San Francisco.  It is constructed of annealed bronze strips welded together.

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